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Hot, Sensuous, Strong and Naked


Hot, Sensuous, Strong and Naked
with Luscious Lisa

This woman can wrestle - using powerful pelvic thrusts, double-leg grapevine head lock smothers ... Could you handle Luscious Lisa? Just try it!

Title: Hot, Sensuous, Strong and Naked
Running time: 45 minutes

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Hot, Sensuous, Strong and Naked

Lisa is 5'5" 150 lbs. Thighs 25" Calves 16" She is sexy, strong, nice and sometimes nasty. Don't be surprised if you meet her someday….she will wrestle you if you are man enough. With this video you get her address and phone # for private matches. We don't want to mislead you about nakedness – That happens toward the end of the video in the bedroom scene, but you only see her from the back. So, don't think it's a nude video…it's not!

This woman can wrestle – using powerful pelvic thrusts. She pumps the air from her victim until he is barely conscious and then crushes his chest with python-like thighs. Her buttock muscles flex into twin spheres of powerful thrusting weapons of pain and pleasure as she uses a strange double-leg grapevine head lock smother. She's aroused, she's strong, she's out of control while she's in control of any man. Could you handle Luscious Lisa? Just try it!

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