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If You Can't Breathe, You Can't Scream


You Can't Scream, Can You?

Lora Ottenad: "Men pay me to wrestle – I’ve never lost a wrestling match once my legs lock around them. I love to squeeze men, big strong macho types until they beg for mercy. The sound of moaning men is orgasmic to me. In this video you’ll see why."

Title: You Can' Scream, Can You?
Running time: 0 minutes

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You Can' Scream, Can You?

I’m a dancer, body builder and wrestler. At 5’8”, 165, I have 26” thighs, 16” biceps and 16.5” calves. When I was 15 I had my first wrestling match with a guy. He was 17 and weighed about 140 lbs to my 120 lbs. I knew if I could get my legs around him, I could squeeze his chest so tightly that he would beg for mercy. I was right… he couldn’t talk either. He went to sleep. I felt an erotic power. I liked it.

Now I am a 28 year old exotic pole dancer, my thighs are so powerful I can squeeze a 3” pole with my inner thighs so tightly that I don’t need to use my hands at all.

Men pay me to squeeze them – I’ve never lost a wrestling match one my legs lock around a man or woman. I love to squeeze men; big, strong, macho types until they beg for mercy. The sound of cracking ribs is orgasmic to me. In this video you’ll see why.

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